CPWD Planning Application 1.0


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Main features: -Modified DSR items and Non Schedule Items can be entered including analysis of rates, so that the analysis can be used for the justification of rates. To reduce typing work the item and analysis of rate data from another existing item can be copied to other items and then modified as required. The analysis of rates of modified DSR and Non Schedule items can be copied to the estimate, so that when the estimate is sent another office the justification can be done for these items even though the analysis of rates of these items is not present in the master database of that office. -There is flexibility in feeding the analysis of rate to enter mathematical formulas, sub analysis items etc. - Items are listed in the descending order of percentage of estimated cost along with the cumulative percentage, so that the items up to 90% of estimate cost can be selected easily for justification. If the user does not want to enter the analysis of rate for non schedule / modified schedule items, then the justified rate can be directly entered for justification. The program indicates by color coding the user entered justified rates. - Percentage of each item is worked out and bar chart is displayed and it can be sorted by the user. This gives an idea of weightage of different items in the estimate. Percentage of schedule items over the total estimated cost is also displayed as a bar to give an idea that the program is dominated by schedule items or non schedule items. -Reports of abstract of cost, detailed estimate, list of basic rates for justification, comparative statement, justification statement etc. can be printed in the same format as being used in the department including the (designations) stamps of offices. -Three levels of security is provided. The DSR items, DAR and basic rates for DAR cannot be added, deleted or modified by either by the admin user or the normal user. The modified schedule items, NS items and analysis can be added, deleted or modified by the admin user. Apart from this, the data which is stored in master database like cost index data, contractors data etc. can be created and modified only by the admin user. The normal user cannot save any data to the master database. This has been provided to have better security and to avoid any change in the DSR, DAR and basic rates for DAR either intentionally or unintentionally. If any correction slip is issued for these, the changes will be made and the corrected database will be posted on CPWD website for download. - After entering the data, the estimate can be locked to avoid unwanted modifications. -Estimate can be created from a template file, so that the commonly required options can be stored in the template to save time. -The estimate items and modified schedule and non schedule items can be imported from excel compatible spreadsheet, but only by the admin user. -Back up of estimate can be created and all the files are neatly organized in folders. -The items can be filtered based on item type, selection, subhead, words in the description of the item and the filtered items will be displayed in the table. -Estimate, schedule of quantities for NIT, list of basic materials can be exported to excel compatible spreadsheet. After receiving the market rates in spreadsheet, the market rates can be imported from spreadsheet for justification. -Color highlighting is provided to easily identify the DSR, Non Schedule items, selected items, items with quantity blank etc. - NIT including CPWD-6, CPWD-8 form and schedule of quantities is generated in word format. The user can edit the template file to modify the NIT template as per the requirements. It can be later used for preparation of tender documents.

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